Box roller

Z-Box Solar System

The motorised outdoor roller shade that does not require electrical installation.

The new Z-Box Solar by Bandalux includes a kit consisting of a solar panel, a rechargeable battery and a motor that runs on renewable solar energy, making it a 100% autonomous shade with no need for electrical installation.


This shade is highly resistant to wind and other inclement weather conditions, thanks to its zip system with Zip Deep and Max terminal guides and its manufacture with materials designed to last outdoors (aluminium box, guides and covers, stainless steel screws and highly durable plastic plugs).



In fact, Z-Box Solar has been certified with the highest wind resistance score in a test carried out by an external and independent laboratory, where it has exceeded wind speeds of up to three times (265 km/h) Class 6 of the EN13561 standard in a 200 x 200 cm shade.



As it is a guided shade with a zip closure, there is no gap between the fabric and the guide, making it the system that offers the greatest opacity when combined with fabrics from the Bandalux blackout range.



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