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Polyscreen® 365

Fusion between aesthetics, thermal efficiency and visual comfort.


With a 5% openness factor, the Polyscreen® 365 is a traditional fabric in the Bandalux range, allowing visual contact with the outside. 

Ideal for large surfaces, it features the trendy Linen, Cinder and Pebble color palette. It also comes in cooler colors such as White Grey and Ash, ideal for professional spaces. 

This fabric is suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its high resistance to extreme weather conditions (IMO), chlorine and its excellent durability thanks to its easy maintenance. 

It is completely recyclable, protects the environment and contains no hazardous substances.  



  • IgnífugoIgnífugo
  • GreenguardGreenguard
  • Saline environmentSaline environment
  • RecyclableRecyclable
  • AntibacterialAntibacterial


  • ImmerseImmerse
  • SpongeSponge
  • AspireAspire
  • Do not rubDo not rub
  • Not bleachNot bleach
  • Do not ironDo not iron
  • Do not use dryerDo not use dryer

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