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Polyscreen® 350

Visual comfort, thermal efficiency and major transparency.


With a 10% openness factor, 350 is the indoor/outdoor Polyscreen® that delivers the best visibility. 

It features a range of cooler and warmer colors, such as Linen and Cinder. It is an ideal fabric for large surfaces, as it ensures perfect light management on north-facing facades. 

This fabric is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, chlorine and is easy to clean and wash. 

It provides energy savings for heating and air conditioning. 


  • IgnífugoIgnífugo
  • Saline environmentSaline environment
  • GreenguardGreenguard
  • RecyclableRecyclable
  • AntibacterialAntibacterial


  • ImmerseImmerse
  • SpongeSponge
  • Do not rubDo not rub
  • Not bleachNot bleach
  • AspireAspire

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