Certifications and Warranties

Made in EU & USA

We design and manufacture our products in Europe and the United States, complying with all applicable regulations.


We have our own Environmental Management System and we are committed to care for the natural world around us.

Occupational risk prevention

Health and safety in the workplace


We have a quality management system aimed for continuous improvement.

Energy efficiency

Optimization of the energy management systems to improve quality and sustainability.


We guarantee that our systems are in perfect condition.


We guarantee that our fabrics are in perfect condition


Our fabrics are certified for their durability and resilience. In addition to being fireproof and suitable for saline environments.


We innovate in materials that are free of phthalates,
free of lead and free of heavy metals, to care for
the health of your loved ones.


We offer a wide range of eco-friendly fabrics that contribute to minimizing waste and reducing impact on the environment.