Sustainable housing, energy efficiency and shades made with Bandalux eco-friendly fabrics

Sustainable housing, energy efficiency and shades made with Bandalux eco-friendly fabrics

A sustainable home is one that makes full use of every possible natural resource, in order to limit energy consumption to the bare minimum and therefore become environmentally conscious. In a word, it is a home with a commitment to Planet Earth.

Located within the Catalan municipality of Sant Fruitós del Bages, with lovely views of Collbaix Mountain, sits the house that we are showing you today: a sustainable house owned by architect Pilar Guiral. A home designed by and for her in keeping with the criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency. A home where sustainable architecture and ecological shades take center stage.

Guiral, the manager of the architecture studio Guiral&Associats, defends bioarchitecture as a modus operandi. For her, it is a way to plan environmentally responsible constructions, using natural materials and resources such as sunlight. “If you want to improve your quality of life, you have to change your way of thinking”, observes Pilar.

Like the case of all sustainable homes, what Guiral sought in her house was energy efficiency. For this reason, drawing on the foundations of bioarchitecture, she opted for a breathable façade with permeable layering. The thick interior walls of the home generate a thermal inertia, while the outer insulation creates a sort of “jacket” layer, to isolate the outside temperature of the building. These aspects, along with the selection of an optimal solar protection system, favor the temperature control of the home.

Having resolved the structure of the house, she then turned her attention to the aesthetics, which also had to meet the demands for ecology. Pilar Guiral sought environmentally friendly materials, and with Bandalux she found just the solar protection solution she was looking for: shades manufactured with eco-friendly fabrics.

Draperies and wooden Venetian blinds were installed in the living room. For the traditional shades, linen was the chosen material, as the idea was to make the room warmer and more comfortable. A very minimalist living room with a predominance of white, with the additional installation of wooden venetian blinds for natural warmth and elegance. The wood used by Bandalux in its Venetian blinds is a natural product free of toxic substances.

For the study and bedroom of this eco house with sustainable shades, Pilar Guiral selected roller shades with the Renaissance fabric, a special fabric made of 80% recycled cotton that additionally provides acoustic absorption. Indeed, these Bandalux solar protection solutions are totally at one with the environmental commitment of this eco-friendly and sustainable home.

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