Making “Waves”, the new textile catalogue

A few weeks ago, the Bandalux design and image team flew to Galicia for a photo session, featuring images that are sure to take us all back to our origins. That is the new leitmotiv of the latest Bandalux textile catalogue, which will be available very soon at points of sale.

It was an intense week of work in breathtaking locations along the Galician coast and the sea, which, with the rainy weather and northwest wind swells, gradually shaped the image of the new collection.

At the beach Praia de Soesto, in Laxe, we photographed our shades in the sand over the background of spectacular sunsets. We also worked from Oleiros, in a house nestled into its surrounding landscape in perfect harmony, at the foot of the Ría da Coruña and with views of the Tower of Hercules. A home that connects with nature thanks to both its interior decoration and the materials used for its exterior; a place that invites its occupants to revisit their most intimate origins, to find themselves and fully enjoy the area, surfing the waves.

It is the fusion of textures, colors, sensations, landscapes and climatic elements that has enabled the creation of the Waves Catalogue, the name of which is obviously inspired on the waves of both the fabrics and the sea.

The different elements of nature are portrayed with great strength in this catalogue: the clouds, the sea, the coral, the sand, the cliffs, the sea floor … These elements take center stage in the different categories of the new Bandalux collection for traditional curtains, folding shades and sliding panels.

In a word, an exclusive collection made with textures, colors and sensations that take us back to the origins of Bandalux.

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