Concept Gallery, the premium display of Bandalux blinds and shades

Bandalux presents its Concept Gallery, a new premium display concept for Bandalux high-end sun protection systems, allowing the firm to potentiate the importance and value of each shade.


The Concept Gallery is arranged in modules that present the Bandalux blinds and shades in a very appealing way, as unique and exclusive pieces. The product gallery enables the firm to underscore the value of each shade and to emphasize different details that have been specially designed for optimal aesthetics and functionalism.

As a result, Bandalux offers the best sales experience to the distributor and the best purchase experience to the end customer, with a display that is right on par with its quality brand image. The Concept Gallery enables the distributor to present the wide range of Bandalux of high-end products, while holding hands-on demonstrations of systems and fabrics. For their part, the end customers get to see the details, touch the fabrics and operate the systems themselves.

Bandalux has developed 16 pre-defined configurations to combine systems and fabrics according to the priorities of each point of sale. There are four system configurations to choose from, depending on the display style and the available space, and there is also a choice of fabric collections, ranging from the most classic style to the boldest. What’s more, POS distributors can renovate the system and fabric displays in keeping with the latest products and trends developed by the Bandalux R&D and Design Department.


Each Concept Gallery also has a digital screen sign to inspire the viewer, featuring photo galleries, videos, advertisements and information on the latest developments. A number of accessories are also offered, including lighting and furniture, to personalize and enhance the display.

The Concept Gallery is currently operative in a number of Bandalux showrooms in Europe and US. It is also being implemented at points of sale all over the world.

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